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Frozen Pipe Repair Services in Odenton, Severn, Hanover & Surrounding Areas

What’s the worst winter nightmare for any homeowner? If you guessed frozen pipes, you’re right! Frozen pipes can lead to a whole host of additional issues, including burst pipes, flooding, water damage, and more. In order to guard against catastrophic damage in your home, you need a knowledgeable plumbing team that can deliver fast, reliable frozen pipe repair services.

DYZ Plumbing offers the comprehensive frozen pipe repair services that homeowners need to stay safe this winter. Contact our team at 443-929-1020 to schedule frozen pipe repair services in your home today!

What Happens When Pipes Freeze?

Pipes can freeze for a number of different reasons; however, the main cause is freezing temperatures surrounding water pipes. As the heat from the water inside the pipes transfers to the outside air, the water temperature drops and starts to freeze, causing a pressure backup in the pipe. When left untreated, this can result in a burst pipe.

Contrary to popular belief, the pipe break doesn’t happen where ice has gathered in the pipes, but rather in a section where there was increased water pressure. So, not only will homeowners be forced to replace the affected frozen section of pipe, but they will also need to replace the burst section of pipe as well.

On top of freezing temperatures, pipes can be affected by specific structures in or around the home. For example, pipes in an uninsulated crawl space or attic are more prone to freezing, since they do not have enough insulation to prevent thermal transfer. If you’re in need of frozen pipe repair services, don’t hesitate to call DYZ Plumbing at 443-929-1020 to schedule service today.

How to Prevent Frozen Pipes

When it comes to frozen pipes, prevention is critical! There are plenty of precautions that homeowners can take to prevent frozen pipe problems in their home, including:

  • Consistent Temperatures: Refrain from setting your thermostat too low or shutting it off entirely during the colder months. While you may think doing so will save you money on your energy expenses, a frozen pipe repair will quickly offset any savings you hoped to achieve by letting in the winter chill.
  • Pipe Insulation: Consider insulation for your pipes to help protect against unwanted thermal transfer. If this isn’t an option, consider insulating crawl spaces, attics, or basements — anywhere you have exposed pipes — to protect against the cold weather.
  • Open Cabinets: When the temperatures get particularly low, open the cabinet doors under your bathroom and kitchen sinks to allow warmer air to reach your pipes.
  • Running Water: Leave a trickle of water dripping through your pipes at night. While you can still get a frozen pipe despite this trick, the steady stream of water will help prevent pressure buildup so you can avoid a burst pipe.

Another tip for homeowners planning an extended winter vacation is to leave your heater running to keep the inside air temperature above freezing. For more frozen pipe prevention tips, consult with your DYZ Plumbing professional by calling 443-929-1020 today.

What to Expect During Frozen Pipe Repair

During your frozen pipe repair service, our team will carefully assess your plumbing system to locate the frozen pipe. This will require our plumbers to shut off the water supply to your home to prevent water pressure buildup and decrease the risk for a burst pipe. Once we’ve identified the affected pipe, we will either attempt to thaw it or replace it entirely.

If you’ve experienced a burst pipe, our team will remove and replace both the burst pipe and the frozen pipe. We understand that frozen pipe repair needs can pop up at any time of day or night, which is why we provide 24/7 emergency repair services. Simply dial 443-929-1020 to get the immediate frozen pipe repairs you need today!

DYZ Plumbing for Your Frozen Pipe Repairs!

At DYZ Plumbing, our team is dedicated to providing superior plumbing services that our customers can trust. Our state-licensed and -registered plumbing professionals are highly trained in the latest plumbing tools and technologies, delivering fast, reliable repair services when customers need them most. Contact our locally owned and operated team at 443-929-1020 to get the frozen pipe repair services you need!

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