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Ice Maker Installation in Anne Arundel & Surrounding Counties

An ice maker can be a great convenience to have in your Maryland home. It keeps fresh ice on hand at all times, without the need to refill ice cube trays regularly—a task family members often forget. If your freezer isn’t equipped with an ice maker, you often can install one. DYZ Plumbing offers ice maker installation services in Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Frederick County, and the surrounding communities.

If you’ve been considering adding the convenience of an ice maker to your freezer, consider DYZ Plumbing. Call 443-929-1020 or contact us online for a free quote.

Can I Add an Ice Maker to My Freezer?

For most modern freezers, an ice maker can be installed. Even if the freezer isn’t equipped with one, it likely has the internal wiring to have one added. You will need a kit that fits the freezer model, but otherwise, it is something you can add.

Considering a new ice maker? Call 443-929-1020 to have it professionally installed by DYZ Plumbing.

Should I Add an Ice Maker Myself?

Adding an ice maker is not necessarily a complex job, but it does require some plumbing know-how. Not only do you need to connect the ice maker to the internal wiring on the freezer, but you also need to run a water line to supply the ice maker with water to make the ice. Unless you are a trained plumber, this could prove a bit complex. It could also leave the door open for leaks. DYZ Plumbing is ready to serve with certified plumbers who can make short work of the job.

Schedule ice maker installation in Baltimore or Frederick counties by calling 443-929-1020 or contacting us online.

Ice Maker Installation Process

When you call DYZ Plumbing to have your ice maker installed, we will help you select the right ice maker for your refrigerator or freezer model. Our team will connect the ice maker to the internal wiring and run a water line to ensure it has a supply of clean water at all times. We will then thoroughly test the system to ensure proper operation. You will be left with a functional ice maker ready to deliver ice to you day in and day out.

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Enjoy the convenience of an ice maker. Contact us at 443-929-1020 or schedule a consultation online to discuss ice maker installation with our highly trained Maryland plumbing team.

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