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Our Hydro-Jetting Services at DYZ Plumbing.

Indoor plumbing is a modern marvel we all take for granted, but unfortunately, pipes are susceptible to clogs. Obstructions can range from hair and soap scum to cooking grease and mineral deposits. Even tree roots can block your plumbing if they get into your sewer line.

The traditional method for removing blockages is to use a plumbing auger, also called a plumbing snake. This metal cable features blades or a corkscrew at the end to break up clogs. When an auger isn’t enough, it’s time to try hydro-jetting, a service available from DYZ Plumbing.

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What Is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a pipe-cleaning procedure that shoots a powerful stream of water from a specialized nozzle at a high psi. This clears out all sorts of debris from the drain using nothing but pure, high-pressure water. Powerful hydro-jetting can even break up invasive tree roots, leaving your pipes to function like new again.

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Who Needs Hydro-Jetting?

Snaking a drain is effective for some types of clogs, but it’s a temporary fix at best. Hydro-jetting is much more thorough because, instead of merely punching a hole through a pipe obstruction, it rinses away every bit of debris. This way, it takes future blockages much longer to form.

Here’s how to tell if hydro-jetting services could benefit your home or business:

  • You have slow drains that are getting progressively worse.
  • Noises are coming from your plumbing, including screeching, hissing, ticking, or gurgling.
  • The bathroom or kitchen sink smells off.
  • Your water bills are increasing.
  • Your pipes are several decades old and have never been professionally cleaned.

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FAQs About Hydro-Jetting

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about hydro-jetting:

  • Should I try to drain cleaning chemicals before scheduling hydro-jetting? In desperation, many homeowners resort to using chemical drain cleaners to clear away pipe obstructions. Unfortunately, this is often ineffective, environmentally damaging, and harmful to your pipes when done repeatedly. Skip the chemicals, and schedule hydro-jetting instead!
  • Is hydro-jetting safe for pipes? You might be nervous about using a high-pressure system to clean your plumbing, but hydro-jetting is specifically engineered not to damage pipes, fittings, and other components. Rest assured that the process is not only effective but also safe for most residential and commercial plumbing systems. If your pipes are particularly fragile, your plumber may recommend using an auger instead.
  • Is hydro-jetting worth the cost? Anyone can use a plunger or auger without special training, but a licensed plumber must perform hydro-jetting. The service is well worth it when you consider that the results last much longer and help protect your pipes from the effects of chemical drain cleaners.

Hydro-Jetting a Clogged Drain Video

Contact Our Local Plumbers for Hydro-Jetting Services

With extensive training and over 19 years of experience, DYZ Plumbing is highly qualified to perform sewer line jetting. Rest assured that we are licensed and registered with the State of Texas and that our plumbers are smoke-free, drug-free, and alcohol-free.

We’ll recommend the most optimal cleaning method to get your pipes flowing freely once again, which may include hydro-jetting. Rest assured that if drain cleaning isn’t feasible, we can also perform drain replacement work. And our services offer a sewer camera inspection once we unclogged it to see if repairs or replacements are necessary.

Schedule hydro-jetting in Houston, Texas, or surrounding Texas areas today. DYZ Plumbing provides best-in-class plumbing services, so call us at 832-877-9600 or contact us online whenever you need us!

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