Sewer Camera Inspections in Houston, Texas

Most of your plumbing is hidden from sight within your home. While you can see your sink, shower, and toilet, you can’t see what happens once water or waste goes down the drain. Sewer camera inspection equipment provides more visibility, allowing sewer technicians to more easily and efficiently diagnose issues. Sewer camera inspection typically involves examining underground pipes to assess their condition and identify any issues or abnormalities within the sewer system.

At DYZ Plumbing, we understand the importance of accurate plumbing inspection services. That’s why we offer sewer camera inspection services using live-feed video camera to assess your sewer systems and provide practical solutions.

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How Does a Sewer Camera Work?

Sewer Camera Inspection Process

A sewer scope inspection, also known as a sewer camera inspection works by using advanced technology to provide a visual sewer scope inspection of the interior of sewer pipes. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. A flexible rod with a high-definition camera attached to its end is inserted into the sewer line through an access point, such as a cleanout or toilet.
  2. The plumber guides the camera through the pipe, navigating it around bends, turns, and obstacles.
  3. The camera captures high-quality, real-time video footage of the inside of the sewer pipe. This footage is transmitted to a monitor, allowing the plumber to see any issues or abnormalities.
  4. As the camera travels through the sewer line, the plumber assesses the condition of the pipe, looking for signs of damage, blockages, tree root intrusion, corrosion, or other issues.
  5. The video footage serves as documentation of the pipe’s condition, helping the plumber and the homeowner understand the extent of any problems and plan appropriate repairs or maintenance.
  6. After the inspection is complete, the plumber may provide a detailed report and recommendations based on their findings, including any necessary repairs or preventive measures.

Overall, sewer cameras provide a non-invasive and accurate pipe inspections, allowing for quick and targeted repairs.

Benefits of Sewer Camera Inspection Services

With our sewer scope inspection service, a live-feed video line is inserted through a drain into your pipes. This line travels through your drain and sewer systems, providing clear images of your pipes. This visual inspection helps DYZ Plumbing inspector to accurately identify any drain and sewer issues you may have.

sewer scope inspection houston tx

Here are some reasons our plumbing experts recommend using our sewer camera inspection services:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Our video pipe inspections offer an inside view of your pipes, allowing for precise diagnosis.
  • Prevents Unnecessary Work: By pinpointing the issue accurately, we avoid expensive repairs and unnecessary additional work, saving you time and money.
  • Quick Repair: With quick identification of plumbing issues, we expedite the repair process, minimizing inconvenience.
  • Cost-Effective: A cost-effective alternative to traditional methods, offering value for money.

Once the problem has been identified, our plumbers can begin making a plan of action for solving the issue.

When Do I Need a Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Houston TX?

Our team at DYZ Plumbing strongly suggests performing a sewer camera inspection when you begin to notice your sewer lines are backing up. Video pipe sewer inspection provide the ability to diagnose any plumbing issue without invasive work to your home.

When you start to see a backup in your Houston home’s pipes, call our expert team for a camera inspection – it is the optimal way to identify plumbing issues.

Common Sewer Line Problems That Sewer Camera Inspection Can Detect

collapsed pipe sewer line inspection houston tx

A sewer line inspection can help identify a range of common issues affecting the sewer system. Here are some of the issues that sewer line inspection can help detect:

  1. Blockages: Inspections can identify blockages caused by various factors such as debris buildup, grease accumulation, foreign objects, or tree roots infiltrating the pipe.
  2. Leaks: Inspection can detect leaks in the sewer line caused by cracks, fractures, joint separations, or deterioration of pipe material, as well as areas where groundwater or surface water infiltrates the sewer line or sewage seeps into the surrounding soil.
  3. Tree Root Intrusion: Tree roots can infiltrate sewer pipes through cracks or joints, leading to blockages, damage, and structural issues.
  4. Pipe Damage: Inspection can reveal pipe damage and collapsed pipes caused by age, corrosion, ground shifting, or other environmental factors obstructing the flow of wastewater
  5. Bellied and Misaligned Pipes: Inspection can uncover sections where the sewer line has sunk or settled, allowing waste and debris accumulation, along with areas of misalignment or offset, disrupting wastewater flow and potentially causing backups.
  6. Inadequate Slope: Inspection can determine if the sewer line has been installed with an inadequate slope, leading to poor drainage and potential blockages.
  7. Pipe Degradation: Inspection can assess the overall condition of the sewer line, including signs of corrosion, deterioration, or scale buildup.

By detecting these common issues early through sewer line inspections, homeowners can address them promptly, preventing further damage, backups, and costly repairs.


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Whether you’re dealing with a clogged drain or scheduling routine plumbing maintenance, a sewer camera inspection can greatly benefit Houston residents. Our team of highly trained and certified plumbers can visit your home in Houston and detect plumbing leaks and more using advanced video line technology.

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