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Sewer Line Cleaning in Houston, Texas

A sewer line is an essential part of your home because it is where all of the other plumbing lines connect. From kitchen sinks to bathroom sinks, showers, and toilets, they all lead to the main sewer line. It is extremely important for homeowners to maintain sewer lines so that they do not clog or become backed up.

Backups in a sewer line can cause damage to not only the home but also the property. Our professionals at DYZ Plumbing are licensed, insured, and equipped with the tools necessary to keep your sewer line clean.

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How Do I Know If My Sewer Line Needs to Be Cleaned?

If you find yourself thinking “I think my sewage line is backing up” from a fixture or a floor drain, there is a backup that needs to be cleaned. Other signs include:

  • Toilets not flushing properly
  • Toilets gurgling
  • Slow drains in multiple areas, such as bathroom tub and sink
  • Foul odors from drains or yard
  • Raw sewage backing up

How Often Should I Get My Sewer Line Cleaned?

Since your sewer lines are hidden, it’s difficult to tell when there is an issue. When there are frequent drain clogs, slow drains, and nasty smells coming from your pipes, it is extremely important to get your drains inspected. These small issues can turn into severe and costly problems.

It is recommended to have your sewer lines cleaned once every 12 months as a preventative measure. A preventative measure will keep your sewer system from clogging and prevent future problems. Cleaning will also make sure there are no tree roots, broken pipes, or blockages in the pipe, which can be addressed through sewer line jetting.

FAQs About Drain Repair

We can clean your sewer lines, and with preventative measures, the risk of having a backup with your sewer or drains decreases immensely. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to drain repair and cleaning:

  • Why is my drain clogged? Everything from wads of hair in the bathroom drain to a shifting foundation to tree roots in the sewer line can cause your pipes to back up. To prevent clogs, use mesh strainers in the bathroom and put most food scraps in the trash instead of down the disposal. A video camera inspection will reveal what’s going on and help us determine if you need drain cleaning or repair.
  • Can I clean my drain myself? Wondering how to repair drains? You may be able to remove minor clogs with a plunger or plumbing auger—just don’t resort to using a chemical drain cleaner! For hard-to-reach clogs, broken pipes, corrosion, tree root intrusion, and other issues, it’s best to call a professional plumber for the job.
  • Is trenchless drain repair an option? If the damaged pipe is located underground, trenchless technology may allow us to repair it without digging in your yard. However, if you have clay or sandy soil, this may not be possible. Schedule a site evaluation, and we’ll determine if your property is eligible for trenchless drain repair.
  • Can plumbing maintenance reduce the need for drain repair? Yes! You don’t have to wait until your drains are clogged to hire a plumber. A little preventative maintenance can help catch small leaks or corrosion before they turn into full-blown plumbing emergencies. Partner with DYZ Plumbing to keep your drains flowing smoothly.

Clogged Drain Cleaned via Jetter Video

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We make your family’s health and safety our top priority. Our team has over 19 years of experience performing sewer line cleaning and other plumbing services. Our technicians are all background checked and will be respectful to you and your home during a service call. You can rest assured that when you call us, your sewer line cleaning will be done correctly the first time.

Schedule a sewer line cleaning with a reliable plumber Houston TX today. DYZ Plumbing is here for you, so give us a call at 832-877-9600 for your plumbing needs!


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