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Hot water is essential for many day-to-day tasks, from cooking and cleaning to showering and washing clothes. When the time to replace your water heater comes, turn to DYZ Plumbing for the water heater services you need!

DYZ Plumbing can get a water heater installed in your home as quickly as possible, so you’re not left without running hot water for long. Trust our expertise for efficient Plumbing Service Houston.

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How Do I Know When My Hot Water Heater Needs to Be Replaced?

Signs You Need a New Water Heater Installation

Considering water heater replacement before issues arise is a wise decision, especially for newer units. Traditional electric or gas water heater models typically last around 10 years, while tankless ones can extend to 20 years with regular maintenance. Determining the age can be done by referencing the serial number, with the first two digits often indicating the manufacturing year.

Here are signs indicating the need for water heater replacement:

  • Old age: Traditional storage water heaters usually last about a decade, while tankless water heaters tend to have a longer lifespan. Visibly inspect your water heater for signs of wear, tear, or rust.
  • Water quality: Rust-colored or metallic-tasting water suggests tank corrosion, indicating the need for a new water heater.
  • Low water temperature: Repeatedly running out of hot water could signal the need for a new water heater.
  • Unusual noises: Strange sounds like clanging, popping, or whining emanating from your water heater indicate potential issues requiring replacement.
  • Leak: A puddle around the water heater tank indicates leakage and signals the end of its lifespan. Contact DYZ Plumbing immediately to prevent further water damage.

We are here to provide expert water heater installation Houston service that you can rely on. DYZ Plumbing serves Houston and nearby areas in Texas.

What to Consider When Installing a New Water Heater?DYZ Plumbing expert water heater installation houston tx

Selecting the appropriate water heater involves more than just appearance; it encompasses long-term advantages such as energy efficiency and durability. Here are factors to consider when installing a new water heater:

  • Assessing Your Needs: Take into account the number of fixtures and occupants in your home to accurately determine the hot water demand. Consider various household tasks like dishwashing, showering, bathing, and laundry requirements.
  • Choosing the Right Water Heater Type: Evaluate options such as electric, gas, or tankless water heaters, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.
  • Size Consideration: Ensure that the selected size corresponds to your household’s needs and available physical space. Improper sizing can lead to various issues down the line.

Types of Water Heaters

electric and gas water heater installation houston

There are several types of water heaters to consider:

  • Traditional storage tank water heaters: These are widely used and store hot water in a tank until it’s needed.
  • Tankless (or on-demand) water heaters: These units heat water as it passes through without the need for a storage tank.
  • Solar water heaters: These utilize solar panels to capture solar energy and heat water for household use.
  • Condensing water heaters: Highly efficient units that use exhaust gases’ heat to warm water.
  • Heat pump water heaters: These systems are energy-efficient, transferring heat using electricity.

Each type has its own advantages and considerations, so it’s crucial to select the one that best meets your needs. Contact DYZ Plumbing today for expert assistance with your water heater needs in Houston and nearby areas.

Can I Install My Own Water Heater in Texas?

If you’re considering water heater installation, it’s essential to understand that unless you hold a plumbing license, this task should be entrusted to a professional plumber. Since 2007, Texas law mandates a plumbing permit for water heater replacement and installation. This permit guarantees compliance with both State of Texas and local municipality plumbing codes.

When it comes to water heater replacement and installation, it’s best to rely on professionals. Our skilled plumbers at DYZ Plumbing in Houston, Texas, adhere to strict safety protocols and local building codes to ensure a seamless water heater service. We handle everything from removing your old unit to connecting the new heater, providing you with hot water without any hassle.

Water Heater Installation Services in Houston Area

From gas water heaters to electric water heaters, we handle it all. Our professionals are equipped to address common signs of water heater issues, including unusual noises, frequent repairs, and leaking. Whether it’s a pilot light issue, plumbing connections, or hard water causing problems, we have the expertise to diagnose and resolve the issue promptly.

If you’re looking for a quality water heater and a stress-free installation service, look no further than DYZ Plumbing. We install gas and electric water heater models to meet your energy needs. We also haul away your old water heater, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of it yourself. DYZ Plumbing is your trusted partner for reliable Houston Plumbing services and seamless access to your hot water needs with expert water heater installations in Houston area.

Trusted Houston Water Heater Specialists Near You

At DYZ Plumbing, we understand the importance of a reliable hot water supply. Whether you need a new tankless water heater installation to ensure consistent hot water or your existing water heater repair or replaced to fix issues with cold water, our team of skilled technicians is here to provide top-quality service. We offer free estimates and financing options to ensure you get the right water heater for your needs without breaking the bank.

Delivering top-quality water heater installation and replacement services in the surrounding areas of 1220 Blalock Rd, Suite 300, Houston, Texas, 77055, including Memorial, Spring Branch, Spring Valley Village, Hedwig Village, Hunters Creek Village, Piney Point Village, Bellaire, West University Place, Uptown Houston, and The Galleria area.

FAQs About Water Heater Installation

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding our water heater installation services:

  • How long does it take to install a water heater? Our DYZ Plumbers should be able to remove your old water heater and install a new one within two to four hours.
  • What size tank do I need? The average residential water heater is 20 to 50 gallons. DYZ Plumbing will help you size the appliance to meet your family’s water heating demands.
  • Do I need to maintain my new water heater? A yearly inspection and flush can help your water heater run efficiently and last as long as possible.
  • How much does it cost to install water heater? The cost of installing a water heater can fluctuate, ranging from $900 to $3,000, encompassing both tank and tankless water heaters. Factors influencing installation expenses include the type of heater, tank size, and any additional necessary work.


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